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A Model C2002 Air Compressor




  • Tana Murray

    Hello Rodger DeRamus and thank you for reaching out.  The C2002 is the model number, 2007 63-21-41 is the year and Julian date code. The number after the C2002 they are referring to is the TYPE.  That number would be listed either under or beside the model on the label. We've opened a ticket with our customer service team and will work to resolve your issue.

  • Rodger DeRamus

    Thank you for coming back to me. I have looked further at the C2002 and I see one difference in a newer one than the one II was given. On the regulator, there are two gauges; some have the gauges that are the same size, mine has one small gauge and one that is bigger. Even the cover is designed to only be able to have a smaller gauge and one larger. The smaller one in on the tank pressure side. It goes up to 300psi.

    Thank You


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